GRAZIELLA Group Spa, owner of the "GRAZIELLA" brand, is an Italian fashion company founded in 1958. The enterprise was founded on the initiative of Graziella Buoncompagni, the current Honorary President, who at a very young age began to create, in a small workshop, gold jewellery characterised by a personal and innovative style.

1958First Headquarters

The first Graziella workshop was located in Arezzo in the Campoluci area.

Second Generation

Gianni Gori, son of Graziella Buoncompagni, started to manage the company giving it new energy and guiding it towards new markets; his sister Mariarosa took the helm as vice-president.

2000New Headquarters

The popularity of GRAZIELLA's jewels amongst consumers all over the world has enabled the Company to grow over time and become one of the most important organizations of Italian jewelry making.

2004Creativity Center

The Creativity Center is Graziella's stilistic core. From it, new lines of luxury products are constantly created, adding to the original lines of Gold jewelry.

Third Generation

From 2014, with the contribution of the third entrepreneurial generation, Graziella started to propose, together with jewelry, also the Watches and Leather Goods lines, the new expressions of the "Graziella" taste.

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