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One philosophy for
many luxury lines

From the Creativity Center the identity of Graziella's jewels takes form. The sensibility and skill of master craftsmen helped create new luxury product lines that were added to the original lines of Gold jewels. Over time the lines such as Graziella Diamonds have become reality with gold jewels, diamonds and precious gems, Graziella Silver with silver jewels and Graziella Accessories with bags and belts made with high quality leather and components in gold, silver and precious stones. The latest line is the watch line, with valuable pieces created from the union between Graziella design and Swiss Made technology.

A successful

The Creativity Center was established from Gianni Gori's entrepreneurial vision, who decided to enrich Graziella's activity with a center specializing in the development of original ideas. This intuition allowed him to gather craftsmen and artists able to develop a creative, innovative and unique philosophy making Graziella's objects a style recognized all over the world. The originality, the integrity, the capabilities, the technology and the human value of the Creativity Center are conveyed in jewels with a unique and unrepeatable design that take on the form of a pleasant clothing accessory.

well made creativity:
jewels like sculptures

Beauty done well. Graziella guarantees her customers a "well made creativity", therefore the work of the Creativity Center is aimed at developing each jewel as real work of art. An accurate modeling and carving activity guarantees that each product has a high creative standard because it applies the aesthetic rules of the Italian artistic tradition with a modern key, with a process of constant renewal of its offer. Defined "modern Baroque", Graziella style relates to the aesthetics of sculpture creating jewels with soft and elegant shapes yet characterized by a precise identity and by a strong personality.

A cutting edge technology

A winning mix of creativity and technology. The shapes expressed in wax by the Creativity Center find their creation through a constant development of technology, that enabled Graziella to become one of the most important companies in the world for electrotyping, the process that lets you create a jewel that is rich in details and faithful to the original artistic idea. This technology enables the creation of the same components in precious metals, in a quest for harmony that enables Graziella to propose jewels similar to works of art and accessories as precious as jewels.

An identity suitable
for all markets

The Creativity Center developes some standard creative themes, such as the rose or the symphony, matching them to the tastes of the individual markets. The showy jewels proposed for the Arabic culture countries maintain a certain continuity and uniformity with the smaller jewels enriched with precious stones created for other markets. The creative themes remain the same but the craftsmen sensibility gets inside the different cultures to propose the object that best suits the individual female customer, with a common trait that makes the jewel recognisable for its style and the accuracy of its execution and the lightness in the us of gold. This way the Creativity Center accomplishes the perfect match with the culture of its reference markets, without ever losing Graziella's artistic identity.

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